The founders of Quartier are Hans Griekspoor and Jan Hannink. After years of collaboration in the wood finishing industry, they founded Quartier in 1999 with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. As a producer of stains, oils and lacquers, Quartier has been a trendsetter in the field of color finishing in the parquet and furniture industry in Europe and worldwide for many years now.

The name Quartier is derived from quarter-sawn cutting of wood. This provides the highest quality wood from the tree, just as we deliver the highest quality finishes. Initially, many traditional solvent-based stains were used to color wood. Over time, demand has shifted away from solvent-based staining and lacquering, leading Quartier to develop water-based paint systems. In addition to that, Quartier offers a wide variety of stains, including nitro stains, positive stains, reaction stains, pigment stains, water stains and naphtha stains.

By satisfying customers and the trust they have in us, we have grown from a small-scale company to a recognized name in the wood finishing industry. Quartier now spans two generations, to which we will hopefully add a third generation in the future.